Workflow Solutions for Railway Rolling Stock

We specialise in developing digital solutions tailored for managing rolling stock activities, with a strong emphasis on industry compliance requirements. Our user-friendly apps work on any device and are accessible through your own ExcelWraps portal, ensuring seamless delivery to your staff, subcontractors, and clients. These apps efficiently collect and store data in a secure cloud database, enabling real-time information access for your entire community.

At ExcelWraps, we offer a wide selection of over 30 ready-to-use solutions entirely free of charge. However, we understand that each client may have unique requirements, and that’s why we provide tailored app development services. Our consultancy team works closely with clients to create customised solutions that meet their specific needs. We continue to develop new features and add to our portfolio of ready-to-use rolling stock solutions.

In addition to our consultancy services, we also offer comprehensive training programs. With our specialist software tools, such as WrapCreator, an Excel add-in, we empower clients to leverage their existing spreadsheet skills to create their own apps. Our training resources, available at, guide clients through the process of app creation and ensure they can independently utilise our technology.

At ExcelWraps, our team is dedicated to supporting client administrators in optimising the benefits of our technology. We provide ongoing assistance and guidance, helping administrators extract the maximum value from our solutions. In turn, our clients become proficient in supporting their own end users, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of support and expertise.

Our fully managed cloud solution provides cost efficiency by eliminating upfront infrastructure expenses and offering flexible pay-as-you-go models. We offer scalability, allowing businesses to easily adjust resources as needed. We provide ubiquitous access, enabling remote work and seamless collaboration. We offer reliable secure infrastructure with built-in backup and disaster recovery options. We handle updates and maintenance, freeing up resources for core business activities.

Our monthly billing structure comprises an active user charge and fixed-price consultancy tasks. Clients have full control over their expenses by enabling them to disable any user as needed or by completing tasks using their own people. This flexibility ensures that clients have complete control over their expenditure.

Furthermore, we offer volume discounts for sites with a larger number of users and longer fixed-price tasks. This fair and consistent policy applies to all our clients, guaranteeing that everyone receives the best deal possible.

Meet us at our office in Leeds: Make your way to the platform building (look for revolving door adjacent to M&S at Leeds Railway station). Email [email protected] to contact us.



We meet the specific requirements of fleet owners (ROSCOs), train operation companies (TOCs), vehicle manufacturers, maintainers, overhaulers, and equipment suppliers.

  • As we only work for railway companies our solutions follow industry best practises and satisfy all railway regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Our client services team are railway engineers who talk to our railway clients to ensure that nothing gets ‘lost in translation’.
  • We are an adept software development company but uniquely we are led by senior railway engineers to provide a sharp focus to deliver solutions for the railway industry.

Our solutions touch over 65% of all cars in the UK railway network. Our solutions reach out into partner organisations which include all the major UK fleet owners and most UK train operating companies.


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Thanks to the internet we spread over all their fleets and extend down their supply lines so we have a very broad reach in the railway industry.

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ExcelWraps creates highly reliable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for railway rolling stock. User access is through web browsers from the shop floor, the office, or your supplier’s site using desktops, tablets, or phones.

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