Auditing is commonplace in today’s world, rolling stock is no different especially with the large number of activities being completed on an hourly basis across the depot. Auditing is crucial for internal and external purposes to ensure compliance, tracking, and incidents.

Within the auditing process, the key is being able to find items, be those items something simple such as a maintenance record. The challenge can be finding the item, especially with a paper-based system and that can take valuable time. Using simple Excel formulas, we can allocate costs to faults so that when the audit is complete a rectification cost can be calculated and added over a whole fleet of vehicles.

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One of the key benefits of ExcelWraps is being able to document each activity and being able to retrieve that activity through our rolling stock workflow solution.

The auditing elements can be associated with scheduled maintenance, competence management, fleet delivery inspections, redelivery, handovers, rail incident safety, and RISAS audit.