Vehicle and Bogie Overhauls

Periodic thorough examination and repair of the vehicle body and running gear typically every three years. The overhaul process is detailed in technical specifications covering all rolling stock systems. Each overhaul activity must be completed by a person with the necessary competence who signs and dates their work to provide an audit trail. The overhaul work must be repeated on all units, cars, and bogies in the fleet. 

Traditionally overhaul work records are on paper. You can imagine how paper picks up dirt and oil as it moves around the workshop and how many sheets go missing. It is not uncommon to find workers working on out-of-date overhaul specifications. Signatures are often indecipherable and even if legible you may find signee competence records are invalid or out of date. Finally, when the overhaul is complete the work records are filed away in a dusty cupboard and never see the light of day until… there is a safety incident on the railway. When the paperwork is retrieved this is the time when all the deficiencies come to light.

There is a smarter way of working with electronic forms. With ExcelWraps rolling stock workflow solutions all work records are saved in a structured database. Data is no longer locked in a dusty cupboard; it is live data that you can track in live tables and charts. It is easy to see how a critical measurement varies across the fleet which feeds valuable information into any decision process.

The time of overhaul tasks can be displayed as a Gantt chart to show progress or track reduction in task times as you move up the learning curve.