Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme Audit

Demonstrating compliance is made extremely easy with ExcelWraps rolling stock workflow solution and will make light work of passing your next RISAS audit.

  • The list of live exam books shows what units are in for an exam at your depot tonight.
  • Each exam book contains underlying block cards with maintenance actions waiting for a digital signature.
  • Each exam book is available as a pdf document up to 100 pages long comprising all block cards and supplementary forms. This is our ‘DocPack’ solution in action and is available to anyone who needs to work offline or can be uploaded to another computer system as evidence of compliance.

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One of the key benefits of ExcelWraps is being able to document each activity and being able to retrieve that activity through our rolling stock workflow solution.

The auditing elements can be associated with scheduled maintenance, competence management, fleet delivery inspections, redelivery, handovers, rail incident safety, and RISAS audit.