Train maintenance

ExcelWraps can be used to work on a non-fixed formation fleet (HST) requiring S exams (nightly), B exams (weekly), X exams (quarterly), time interval exams and mileage interval exams. This creates some 30,000 maintenance activity records every year. It was overseen by Nigel Yule of East Midlands Trains who is very familiar with the practical problems of maintaining the fleet at three separate locations using paper records.

  • The configuration management board that once lived on a whiteboard at Neville Hill Depot now has been elevated to the cloud so it is accessible to all from any location.
  • The photocopier has been made redundant as we generate a job stack online.
  • The job stack is a filtered table making it easy to find a particular job.
  • Every time a job gets completed the job stack automatically reduces so everyone can see the jobs ahead of them.
  • Job descriptions are managed online, linking every sign-off form to instructions in a pdf file.
  • Materials consumption is monitored for both scheduled tasks and arising tasks.
  • Every measurement taken is stored in a cloud database and may be charted across the fleet to help find data trends.
  • All this data at your fingertips will ease your way through the next RISAS audit (Rail Industry Supplier Approval Scheme) and will help you realise further maintenance efficiencies in the future.