Scheduled maintenance

All rolling stock has periodic maintenance actions to ensure safe operation of all systems on the vehicle. A fleet star chart defines the intervals in time or mileage to trigger a maintenance action. Fleet managers group together maintenance actions in blocks to align them with maintenance slots e.g. daily, weekly and quarterly. Even a small fleet will create thousands of maintenance activity records every year.

You can imagine the problems of a paper-based system handling this volume of paperwork. Furthermore, it is difficult to pick out historic records and impossible to extract any insights for process improvements by looking at the engineering data held or the time it takes to complete maintenance activities.

ExcelWraps rolling stock workflow solution for vehicle maintenance includes the following.

  • All maintenance jobs are issued through the ExcelWraps document controls system.
  • Star charts are available in live reports.
  • Each depot can arrange the maintenance schedule into their own custom blocks to suit a particular site.
  • Jobs can be signed car by car or a whole unit at a time.
  • Some jobs can only be completed if a record of a particular measurement has been made and is within a specified tolerance.
  • Materials consumption is monitored for both scheduled tasks and arising tasks.
  • Some jobs can only be completed if a supplementary custom form is completed e.g. brake pad inspection requires a special form to that laid out showing the vehicle layout and each brake position down the length of the unit.
  • All jobs can be simultaneously completed by up to 100 users accessing a single data entry form. Everybody can see what the rest of the team is working on.
  • Everyone sees jobs being completed and signed off simultaneously, so everybody understands where the remaining work is.

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The ExcelWraps maintenance solutions include scheduled maintenance, arising work, and production planning.