Railway Workflows

We are a highly specialised company blending railway engineering knowledge with software development skills. This puts us in a unique position to deliver template solutions to standard industry problems which necessarily addresses all railway statutory requirements. Sample industry workflows include the following:

Vehicle and Bogie Overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair – typically every 3 years.

Arising Work

Un-foreseen and unplanned work.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Periodic examinations – daily, monthly, time interval and mileage interval.

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Heavy Equipment Overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair of detachable equipment.

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Production Planning

Routing work through production shops and capturing time and materials consumed.

Type Testing

Management of tests for a new trains before acceptance for use on the network.

Competence Management

Online Training, Competence assessment (by Qualification, Training, Experience and Mentor Assessment) and Competence Expiration/Reassessment.

Rail Incident Safety Management

Our application becomes a central point to collate information regarding a railway incident replacing email records which inevitably become unwieldy and difficult to track. It also tracks changes and repairs to damaged cars.

Railway Auditing

Our auditing solutions follow the railway industry ‘glass case’ approach so that all inspections are compared against the ‘glass case’ perfect item. Our workgroup/role structure means that the same application can be used for many projects and our infrastructure ensures that only people entitled to see the result are granted access. The inspection solution scales up to include many fleets of vehicles and many organisation with a vested interest in the rolling stock.

Fleet Delivery Inspections

Owner inspection of new vehicles from manufacturer.


Owner inspections on handover from one Train Operating Company (TOC) to the next.

Maintenance and Service Handover

Daily maintenance inspections before train returns into service.

Cleaning Scorecards

Dramatically reduces cleaning penalty points.

Stain Management

Managing carpet and seat stains.

Damage and Vandalism

Manage repair costs between maintainer and operator.

Paint Repairs

Manage exterior repairs between maintainer and paint specialist.

Railway Expert Knowledge

Our engineering knowledge is delivered directly to the depot floor. When users enter measurements the app they drive complex engineering calculations to produce an optimised solution. It is like having access to a virtual engineering expert continuously working by your side.

Wheel Load Balance and Levelling

Primary suspension packer dimension thickness to level and optimise derailment stability.

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Railway Products

Adding digital cloud data solutions to traditional railway products to bring new client benefits, new client services and new revenue streams.

Bolt Failure Diagnostic Tool

To help engineers understand why bolted joints fail and identify corrective actions.

Railway Project Management

We are familiar with both good project management techniques and railway industry deliverables like doc packs, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and industry compliance requirements.

KPI Navigation

Follow-up using Key Performance Indicator dashboards where everyone clearly sees what has to be done and what is yet to be done. Work your way through a diminishing job stack.

Task Management

Following established methods each task has planned start and end, precedent tasks, competencies required, manhours and materials. Record the % completion, actual start, actual end and actual hour booked. Display as tabular reports or Gantt charts.


No more chasing people for signatures or supporting documentation certificates of compliance are automatically generated with links through to detail every aspect of the work completed.


Satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance requirements of the major players in the railway industry.