Railway Workflows

We are a highly specialised company blending railway engineering knowledge with software development skills. This puts us in a unique position to deliver template solutions to standard industry problems which necessarily addresses all railway statutory requirements. Sample industry workflows include the following:

Vehicle and Bogie Overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair – typically every 3 years.

Arising Work

Un-foreseen and unplanned work.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Periodic examinations – daily, monthly, time interval and mileage interval.

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Heavy Equipment Overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair of detachable equipment.

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Production Planning

Routing work through production shops and capturing time and materials consumed.

Type Testing

Management of tests for a new trains before acceptance for use on the network.

Competence Management

Online Training, Competence assessment (by Qualification, Training, Experience and Mentor Assessment) and Competence Expiration/Reassessment.

Rail Incident Safety Management

Our application becomes a central point to collate information regarding a railway incident replacing email records which inevitably become unwieldy and difficult to track. It also tracks changes and repairs to damaged cars.

Railway Auditing

Our auditing solutions follow the railway industry ‘glass case’ approach so that all inspections are compared against the ‘glass case’ perfect item. Our workgroup/role structure means that the same application can be used for many projects and our infrastructure ensures that only people entitled to see the result are granted access. The inspection solution scales up to include many fleets of vehicles and many organisation with a vested interest in the rolling stock.

Fleet Delivery Inspections

Owner inspection of new vehicles from manufacturer.


Owner inspections on handover from one Train Operating Company (TOC) to the next.

Maintenance and Service Handover

Daily maintenance inspections before train returns into service.

Cleaning Scorecards

Dramatically reduces cleaning penalty points.

Stain Management

Managing carpet and seat stains.

Damage and Vandalism

Manage repair costs between maintainer and operator.

Paint Repairs

Manage exterior repairs between maintainer and paint specialist.

Railway Expert Knowledge

Our engineering knowledge is delivered directly to the depot floor. When users enter measurements the app they drive complex engineering calculations to produce an optimised solution. It is like having access to a virtual engineering expert continuously working by your side.

Wheel Load Balance and Levelling

Primary suspension packer dimension thickness to level and optimise derailment stability.

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Railway Products

Adding digital cloud data solutions to traditional railway products to bring new client benefits, new client services and new revenue streams.

Bolt Failure Diagnostic Tool

To help engineers understand why bolted joints fail and identify corrective actions.

Railway Project Management

We are familiar with both good project management techniques and railway industry deliverables like doc packs, key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and industry compliance requirements.

KPI Navigation

Follow-up using Key Performance Indicator dashboards where everyone clearly sees what has to be done and what is yet to be done. Work your way through a diminishing job stack.

Task Management

Following established methods each task has planned start and end, precedent tasks, competencies required, manhours and materials. Record the % completion, actual start, actual end and actual hour booked. Display as tabular reports or Gantt charts.


No more chasing people for signatures or supporting documentation certificates of compliance are automatically generated with links through to detail every aspect of the work completed.


Satisfy regulatory requirements and compliance requirements of the major players in the railway industry.

Train MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul)


Our overhaul solution is enthusiastically received by a bogie overhaul supplier to support the main overhaul team responsible for overhaul of the whole vehicle. The progress of the overhaul can be tracked remotely using our dashboard. The rolling stock overhaul process plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety, reliability, and efficiency of train operations, while also helping to extend the service life of the fleet and reduce overall maintenance costs. ExcelWraps offers a comprehensive digital solution for managing the overhaul of rolling stock. This platform streamlines and enhances the entire process by integrating planning, inspection, maintenance, upgrades, testing, documentation, and reporting, enabling train operators and maintenance crews to efficiently manage their fleets and ensure optimal performance.


Creating a safe, efficient, and regulatory-compliant UK rolling stock maintenance strategy involves: understanding specific requirements (e.g., technical specifications, operational demands); evaluating and improving current practices; establishing maintenance objectives aligned with industry regulations; identifying necessary tasks and their frequency; developing a comprehensive plan; implementing condition-based and predictive maintenance; training staff; regularly reviewing performance; continually refining the strategy; and maintaining accurate documentation. Key performance metrics include reliability, availability, safety, maintenance cost, efficiency, quality, staff training, and supply chain performance. Monitoring these metrics allows operators to optimise strategies and enhance operations. ExcelWraps offers a digital solution streamlining the entire process, providing a cloud-based platform, customisable templates, an intuitive interface, automated scheduling, integration capabilities, data analytics and reporting, and compliance support. It modernises maintenance processes, improving collaboration and fleet performance, ensuring passenger safety and comfort, and reducing operational costs.

Engineering Fleet Checks

ExcelWraps streamlines UK rolling stock checks, enhancing inspection, assessment, and maintenance processes. It enables recording of visual inspections, functional tests, condition monitoring, and compliance checks. The platform also facilitates review of maintenance records, management of software/firmware updates, safety and security checks, performance analysis, and staff training and competency assessment. Further, it allows for corrective actions and follow-ups based on check findings. This comprehensive and user-friendly digital solution allows operators and maintainers to proactively identify and address potential issues, maintain safety compliance, and optimize rolling stock performance and reliability.

Manufacturing Route Cards

ExcelWraps’ digital route card solution modernises the manufacturing process, streamlining operations with real-time, cloud-based accessibility and customisable templates that fit unique workflows. The user-friendly interface simplifies route card creation, editing, and updates, while real-time tracking enables prompt identification and correction of production delays or deviations. Electronic sign-offs enhance accountability and efficient record-keeping. Automatic notifications ensure timely communication, alerting personnel to route card updates or reached milestones. The solution integrates with existing ERP systems and other software, enhancing data sharing and communication. Data analytics and reporting capabilities provide insights for process improvement. This digital solution reduces paperwork, minimises errors, and boosts collaboration, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and quality in manufacturing.

Contingency Plans

In rolling stock overhaul, core work involves essential maintenance and repairs. Planned changes to core work, or arising work (AW), are pre-planned modifications based on equipment condition. Unplanned changes or additional arising work (AAW) are necessary repairs identified during the overhaul process. A technical query seeks clarification on a specific technical aspect of the process. Concessions allow deviations from original design or standards due to certain circumstances, but must be approved. Quarantine isolates suspected faulty parts, ensuring they’re not used in the overhaul and facilitating further investigation. Understanding these terms ensures efficient, safe, and compliant overhaul management.

Tool Management and Smart Tools

Tool management is vital for efficient, safe train maintenance. Key performance metrics include tool availability, utilization, lifespan, inventory accuracy, maintenance, storage, tracking, and staff training. Monitoring these helps optimize practices, enhancing efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Intelligent torque wrenches offer precision, data collection, programmable settings, alerts, reporting, wireless connectivity, and accountability, significantly improving traditional practices. They optimise assembly processes, enhance safety, and maintain high standards. ExcelWraps integrates with intelligent torque wrench systems, enabling direct programming from a workflow and automatic result retrieval. This further modernises maintenance processes, minimising error risks and improving overall efficiency.


ExcelWraps’ digital solution revolutionizes the management of rolling stock modifications, enhancing their planning, implementation, and tracking. Modifications may aim at performance improvement, regulatory compliance, service life extension, comfort enhancement, capacity growth, maintenance optimization, or interoperability. ExcelWraps’ solution is cloud-based, promoting real-time collaboration and updates. Customizable templates cater to unique modification requirements, while the intuitive interface simplifies workflow construction and updating. Real-time tracking, automatic notifications, and integration capabilities streamline the modification process. Data analytics and reporting provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of implemented modifications. Overall, ExcelWraps’ modification workflow solution modernizes rolling stock modification processes, improving collaboration and overall efficiency.

Fault Trees

ExcelWraps’ Fault Trees, a cloud-based digital solution, optimizes the diagnosis and resolution of faults in rolling stock maintenance. Unlike traditional fault trees, it records usage over time, calculates the likelihood of each root cause, and enables faster fault finding. Its customizable templates cater to unique maintenance needs and scenarios. The intuitive interface simplifies the creation and modification of fault trees, while the platform visually represents these, promoting easy root cause identification. Real-time tracking, automatic notifications, and system integration capabilities streamline the process, while data analytics aid in spotting trends and areas for improvement. By implementing this solution, maintenance teams can modernize their troubleshooting processes, improve collaboration, and boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Train Presentation


Train cleaning is crucial for maintaining rolling stock and ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers. KPI scorecards monitor cleanliness and help improve services by setting measurable goals and tracking progress. Scorecards can be used to manage penalty payments between train operating companies (TOC) and maintainers, providing a transparent, objective assessment of the cleaning services provided. ExcelWraps offers a digital solution for cleaning scorecards, streamlining the process of monitoring and managing cleanliness KPIs. It hosts scorecards on a secure, cloud-based platform, provides customizable templates, an intuitive interface, automated KPI tracking, penalty calculations, real-time notifications, and integration capabilities, and allows for data analytics and reporting. This solution enhances collaboration and efficiency throughout the cleaning process.

Managing Stains

Maintaining and replacing carpets and seats in rolling stock is essential for a comfortable passenger experience. Staining levels trigger deep cleaning or replacement procedures. The process includes regular cleaning, monitoring staining levels, deep cleaning, wear assessment, procurement of replacements, and installation of new components. ExcelWraps offers a digital stain management solution, featuring an image-grid function to generate stain heat maps and calculate the percentage of staining. It enables customizable thresholds, integration capabilities, and offers data analytics and reporting. This platform helps train operators monitor and manage staining issues, aiding in strategic cleaning and maintenance decisions, ultimately enhancing the passenger travel experience.

Damage and Vandalism

ExcelWraps’ Rolling Stock Damage app is a cloud-based solution designed to manage, track, and allocate costs related to railway vehicle damage. The application provides damage heat maps for easy identification of damage points, detailed reporting capabilities, dynamic scorecards, and effective cost management tools. The system is updated in real-time as damages are repaired, and it offers a live damage summary for quick access to individual damage details. Additional features include photographic evidence capture, a summary table of damage, and updating of labor rates and material mark-up costs. Available as a subscription-based service, the app is customizable to specific needs and usage requirements, with the option of a free trial or demo.

Paint Repairs

The Rolling Stock Paint Repair app is a maintenance tool designed for efficient upkeep of rolling stock carbodies. It facilitates the creation of detailed before-and-after repair reports, with functionalities for uploading photos and noting damage and repair tasks. The app manages repair costs monthly, promoting budget control and transparency. At the end of each month, it generates a comprehensive PDF report, providing a record of repairs, associated costs, and before-and-after visuals. Stored securely on a cloud-based database, all data is easily accessible for analysis and decision-making. The app promotes real-time communication among all stakeholders and can be integrated with existing systems, improving operational efficiency. This solution enhances the paint repair process, ensuring accurate cost tracking and high-quality fleet maintenance.

Passenger Reports

The Passenger Damage Report app is a digital tool that enables passengers on rolling stock vehicles to report damage or malfunctions to train operators. It offers a user-friendly interface for issue reporting, including photo submission, and automatically geo-tags and time-stamps reports for accurate tracking. Upon report submission, real-time notifications alert the operators for prompt action. The app also collects data for trend analysis and sends updates back to passengers regarding the status of their reports, fostering trust and engagement. All data are securely stored in a cloud-based system for easy access and management. This tool can significantly enhance maintenance efficiency, improve passenger satisfaction, and increase overall safety and reliability of the rolling stock.


Train Audits

New Train Delivery

ExcelWraps’ digital solution enhances the inspection and acceptance process when Rolling Stock Operating Companies (ROSCOs) receive new trains. Key features include a digital documentation review for efficient management of pre-delivery data, a mobile app for visual inspections, standardised test protocols for consistent performance evaluation, and real-time data collection and analysis. The platform can integrate with existing maintenance and asset management systems, streamlining the commissioning process. Customisable reporting provides detailed insights into the inspection process, test results, and any issues, promoting transparency and accuracy. ExcelWraps’ solution improves the efficiency and accuracy of new rolling stock inspection processes, ensuring trains are safe, reliable, and fit for service before introduction.

Redelivery or Lease End Audits

ExcelWraps’ fleet redelivery solution streamlines the inspection and assessment of trains at the end of lease periods. Its features include a centralized, cloud-based database for easy access to fleet information, a mobile inspection app for efficient data capture, and customizable checklists for lease-specific requirements. The platform enables real-time data collection and analysis during inspections and can be integrated with existing maintenance and asset management systems. Customizable reporting options provide detailed insights into the inspection process, findings, and any concerns, ensuring transparency and smoothness in the redelivery process. The solution ensures returned trains meet all lease obligations and contractual conditions, resulting in more streamlined, cost-effective fleet management.

Train Compliance

ExcelWraps offers a competency management solution for the UK rolling stock industry, ensuring workforce skills and qualifications meet industry standards. The platform provides a centralized, cloud-based database for competency, qualification, and training records. It allows companies to define a custom competency framework, schedule and manage training programs, and ensure regulatory compliance. With real-time tracking and reporting, managers can monitor performance and identify training gaps. The solution can integrate with other systems like HR and maintenance management for streamlined workflows. Accessible via a mobile app, employees can view their profiles and complete training modules on-the-go. By using ExcelWraps, organizations can optimize their training programs, improve safety, and enhance operational performance.

ExcelWraps provides a comprehensive digital solution enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and compliance in organisations. The platform enables customisation of workflow templates, task assignments with notifications, and centralised, secure document storage. It offers real-time tracking and reporting capabilities, alongside integrations with existing software. Access control and stringent security measures ensure data protection. A mobile app facilitates on-the-go access to tasks and updates. The solution’s versatility allows for application in various office procedures, optimising processes and improving collaboration. The platform is particularly beneficial for rolling stock companies, successfully used in engineering change, safety incident, and supply chain assessment procedures.

ExcelWraps provides an effective alert system vital for sharing crucial safety and business performance information. Alerts are distributed with mandatory acknowledgement, ensuring employees’ understanding. Alerts are categorised by type for easy recognition, with features for specific role, location, and hierarchy-based distribution. Employees’ acknowledgment is tracked digitally, aiding compliance and audits. Reporting and analytics monitor alert effectiveness, while robust access control maintains alert integrity. The system also includes search and filter features for ease of alert access. Version control archives outdated alerts, ensuring the most recent information is available. Scalability and customisation adapt to organisational growth and specific needs, including tailored alert templates and workflows. By utilising ExcelWraps, organisations can enhance communication, promote safety, and compliance culture.

Train Expert Support

Correct shimming of secondary suspension elements in railway vehicles is crucial for derailment safety, axle balance, and vehicle levelling, thereby ensuring safe and comfortable operation. Traditionally a time-consuming task, ExcelWraps revolutionises the process with a predictive method based on wheel weight and vehicle height measurements. This data-driven approach calculates precise shimming requirements to correct imbalances and properly level the vehicle, replacing the conventional trial-and-error process. After suggested shim adjustments are implemented, further measurements validate and fine-tune the changes. This efficient method not only saves time and labour, but also enhances accuracy and consistency, leading to improved safety, optimal vehicle performance, and enhanced passenger comfort.

BoltExpert Wrap is an educational and problem-solving tool designed to help engineers understand joint mechanics and find solutions to bolt-related issues in construction and machine design. It demystifies common practices and issues such as bolt reusability, variability in torque, differential loosening in similar bolts, and effectiveness of various bolt tightening methods and secondary locking devices. This tool uses drop-down controls to represent specific bolted joints, performing complex calculations and providing interactive charts to interpret results. Accompanied by integrated videos, it explains each physical phenomenon and usage instructions. Accessible on PCs, tablets, or phones, it stores each bolt consideration in a cloud database, making it both a practical learning tool and a go-to resource for resolving bolt complications.

A data analyst leverages data from rolling stock maintenance and overhaul to draw valuable insights for enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and future predictions. Key tasks include data cleaning and preparation, descriptive analysis for understanding past patterns, diagnostic analysis for identifying reasons behind certain trends, and predictive analysis to forecast future maintenance needs. Prescriptive analysis helps to formulate optimal maintenance strategies, while data visualization presents findings in a clear, understandable manner for decision-making. Real-time monitoring allows for instant alerts when certain parameters are breached. Overall, data analysis plays a critical role in cost-saving, improving safety and reliability, and enabling proactive maintenance planning in the context of rolling stock management.

Our software team can seamlessly integrate with existing software systems and databases. This entails developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for effective communication between different software components. Data mapping and transformation should be implemented to suit integrated systems’ needs, while ensuring data transmission remains secure. The system should be scalable to accommodate business growth, and comprehensive training and documentation provided for user understanding. Ongoing support and maintenance is crucial to keep integrations up-to-date and functional. Finally, rigorous testing is required before launching to ensure seamless operation and data consistency. Essentially, the aim is to create a harmonious, efficient system improving data collection, processing, and analysis.

A permissions system on a website is critical for regulating access and control, based on individual users, their roles, and workgroups. Users have unique accounts with varied permissions. User roles, including administrators, editors, authors, contributors, and subscribers, dictate the level of control a user has over content and site configuration. Workgroups are groups of users, often defined by department or project. Each user may have differing roles within and outside their workgroup. The permissions system is vital for safeguarding sensitive information, maintaining website integrity, and promoting efficient workflows and collaboration, by ensuring that each user only has access to the features and information relevant to their role and workgroup.