Heavy Equipment Overhaul

Some equipment systems are detached and can be swapped out and sent for periodic overhaul. The cost of these assets is appreciable, and it is important that expensive heavy equipment returns to service as quickly as possible. 

ExcelWraps have a digital solution to handle overhaul work of detachable equipment, they track progress and report it to the overhauler, the vehicle operator, and the vehicle owner. Features include quarantine, automated billing, uploading of photos and inspection reports, and component search engines. We track the overhaul progress of each asset along with a timeline chart. It is easy to see any asset drifting when it has not been dispatched to the overhauler, if an asset is stuck in overhaul quarantine waiting for the response of an engineer. 

ExcelWraps reports the efficiency of the system using key performance indicators. These are scheduled to present periodic KPI snapshots. Tracking KPIs on charts shows trends over time. Wraps capture an accurate record of work done and produce a certificate of conformance showing that the equipment can be safely returned to active service.