Heavy Equipment Overhaul

Our innovative approach eliminates all overhaul paperwork and compilation of Doc Packs. It can be implemented in under 24 hours and brings efficiencies both internally and down your supply chain.

The wheelset overhaul application controls the supply of new wheels, axles, brake discs, bearings, gearwheels, refurbishment of power-driven and passenger wheelsets, replacement of worn components, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and dynamic balancing of wheelsets. Work carried out includes re-wheeling and renewal of axles and bearings. The integrity of wheelsets is safety critical. The application is launched from Siemens own wrapsite and manages interaction with Lucchini Unipart Rail, their wheel overhaul supplier.

It is a shared application so that everybody is viewing and adding shared information together. This continuous process is updated on a real-time live Gantt chart and any wheelset component can be searched online to find the overhaul record.