Handling Unplanned Arising Work

The railway industry has a nasty habit of throwing up unforeseen and unplanned work, commonly referred to as ‘additional arising work’ (AAW). This will inevitably delay the work you were trying to complete and can even bring it to a halt altogether. You may not always know how to rectify the problem and require the support and/or permission of the client to proceed. It leaves a whole load of paperwork and emails in its wake. Clearing AAW may become more expensive than the originally planned work itself!

ExcelWraps offers cloud-based solutions bringing all relevant AAW data together for all parties to share over the internet.

  • The production team, the project team and the client team access applications using phones, tablets and PCs, each person moving the issue towards a resolution.
  • Photos can be uploaded to describe the problem.
  • Documents can be uploaded to detail repair methods.
  • Questions can be raised and answered.
  • Once released for rectification, only competence-assessed staff can complete the work.
  • Their use of time and materials is recorded with a digital signature; decisions and approvals are also digitally signed.
  • At any time, AAW can be listed to give a vehicle compliance status to the client. Another report will generate his bill.

We have already implemented AAW systems for Hitachi, Bombardier, Wabtec Rail and Brush Traction, each tailored to their own work practices. If AAW is blighting your railway business, we will let you trial our system for free.

To learn more, please watch the video.