Fleet owners control the handover of units from one Train Operating Company (TOC) to the next. The ExcelWraps rolling stock workflow solutions redelivery process identifies damage incurred, whilst with the current operator, to quantify the rectification cost so it can be accounted for before they pass it on to the next operator. Each fleet has its own checklist of snags with an associated rectification cost.

Any asset inspector can add a new snag to the checklist at any time. Simultaneously the operator is given the opportunity to rectify as much of the damage as possible. They use live reports the highest cost items on the fleet are easily identified and this will direct the rectification effort.

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One of the key benefits of ExcelWraps is being able to document each activity and being able to retrieve that activity through our rolling stock workflow solution.

The auditing elements can be associated with scheduled maintenance, competence management, fleet delivery inspections, redelivery, handovers, rail incident safety, and RISAS audit.