Wabtec Rail – Bogie Overhaul

Eversholt’s CL321 Bogie Overhaul process is one of many processes supported by ExcelWraps.

  • We set up a separate workgroup called ‘Bogies’, where workgroup administrators can add new users, assign competencies and reset passwords.
  • Using the job matrix all the sign off forms for eight bogies on a particular unit are ‘pre-populated and initialised’.
  • Reports were embedded in convenient ‘Go’ buttons.
  • Progress is reported at three levels: the whole unit progress, individual bogie progress and the progress for each of six stages in the overhaul process.
  • Additional Arising Work (AAW) can be accessed by the production team, the project management team and the client team (ROSCO and TOC) to resolve AAW issues quickly. It requests permission to proceed from the client or the project team, it records the work done and collates the man and material costs. This approach was developed for Brush Traction and adapted to bring the best working practices across Wabtec.

The solution took just two days to roll out. It is detailed in the video.