Railway workflows

Scheduled maintenance

Periodic examinations – daily, monthly, time interval and mileage interval

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Arising work

Un-foreseen and unplanned work

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Vehicle and bogie overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair – typically every 3 years

Heavy equipment overhaul

Periodic thorough examination and repair of detachable equipment

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Production Planning

Routing work through production shops and capturing time and materials consumed

Railway Expert Knowledge

Wheel Load Balance and Levelling

Primary suspension packer dimension thickness to level and optimise derailment stability

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Bolt Failure Diagnostic Tool

To help engineers understand why bolted joints fail and identify corrective actions

Railway auditing

Fleet Delivery Inspections

From manufacturer to ROSCO – Rolling Stock Operating Company

Redelivery Between TOCs

Train Operating Companies

Maintenance and Service Handover

Train Maintenance Company and Train Operating Company

Other processes

Fleet availability management

Making trains available for passenger service

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