Latest Software and Release Notes

This is a summary of full source code changes which is available to the MoreVision Development Team in the source code repository. It is intended to notify end users of any software changes and notify them of system shut downs typically lasting one hours to allow site software updates.

Sprint 50 - Work In Progress

  1. Automated Wrap Conversion. To give our clients the ability to create and install their own wraps without support from MoreVision. 

Sprint 49 - 12th December 2017

  1. New MyWraps MaxRows feature.
  2. New MyWraps csv type. Comma separated values in a cell will be presented as a list in a MyWraps report.
  3. Improved User importing feature.
  4. Improved site setup recipe.
  5. Configurable Google Analytics in site setting. 
  6. XLW new XML Export feature for Data Migration to Wrap instances. This feature was required to migrate 15 years of legacy data for new Siemens Rail Wrapsite.

Server RAM Increased - 30th November 2017

  1. Server RAM has been increased by a factor of 4. We had reports of sluggish performance on Thursday 16th November. This turned out to be because our service provider was running some background maintenance processes. The increase in RAM will reduce the impact of this plus we have rescheduled so that these tasks are always run out of normal hours. We have already noticed that the site is more responsive and snappier.

Sprint 48 - 13th November 2017

  1. New wrap pre-population button - A new "+" button is added at the bottom of a wrap to automatically create all wraplink. In an overhaul application this will allow users to track un-started work as well as finished work in MyWraps reports.
  2. Pre-poulation will further optimise our 'Matrix and Morph' technique making it even quicker than before! This development could use MyWraps to replace the current WrapMaps (e.g. 'Unit Management' and 'Sign Off Lists'). Since MyWraps are generated by the server navigation will be faster and easy to customise. It would make introducing a new 'Job Matrix' almost instantaneous.
  3. Auto-numbering better handles missing numbers in auto-number sequence.
  4. Increased speed of wrap loading time by optimising database role checking queries.
  5. Change header color on staged wrapsites so that they cannot be confused with live wrapsites.
  6. Security improvements to achieve A rating using Security Headers Assessment by implementing the following:
    • Content Security Policy is an effective measure to protect your site from XSS attacks. By whitelisting sources of approved content, you can prevent the browser from loading malicious assets.
    • X-XSS-Protection sets the configuration for the cross-site scripting filter built into most browsers. Recommended value "X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block".
    • X-Content-Type-Options stops a browser from trying to MIME-sniff the content type and forces it to stick with the declared content-type. The only valid value for this header is "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff".
    • Referrer Policy is a new header that allows a site to control how much information the browser includes with navigations away from a document and should be set by all sites.
  7. XLW debugging improvement - widgets shades first column in Excel to indicate that a row is being hidden.
  8. New XLW widgets to configure our multi-role wrap solutions (e.g. where staff, subcontractors and clients share information in a single wrap). Currently this is achieved using custom widgets these new XLW tools will automate the process completely.
    • Tab lock-out for users with a particular 'role' (e.g. staff, subcontractor or client). Lock-out means you can see wrap inputs but you cannot change them.
    • Tab lock-out linked to a wrap signature. Once signed nothing can be changed.

Sprint 47 - 11th October 2017 at 22:00

  1. MyWraps data base optimisation to handle more appended wraps.
  2. MyWrapsGeneratorII is released making it even easier to generate MyWraps report URLs.
  3. MyWraps Chart improved 'points' series rendering.
  4. MyWraps can now Average a column of dates and datetimes.
  5. MyWraps new filters ('eq', 'lt' and 'gt' already exist).
    • 'le' - less than or equal
    • 'ge' - greater than or equal
    • 'ne' - not equal
  6. MyWraps now filters for blank values using eq()
  7. MyWraps now filters on non-blank values using ne()
  8. MyWraps can re-cast values into many TYPEs (string, integer, double...)
  9. ExcelWraps templates now supports even bigger screens (4K UHD). 
  10. XLW warns if you links to an external workbooks.
  11. XLW shows disable color when a row is being hidden by a rowhide or row show widget.
  12. XLW validation optimised for large workbooks.

Sprint 46 - 4th September 2017 at 22:00

  1. Prevent users being created with no user 'Nick Name' (this is used as part of digital signature).
  2. Press return or enter on digital signature dialog to automatically submit (without pressing the 'Submit' button).
  3. Press return or enter key in a MyWraps filter box to automatically filter (without pressing 'Filter' button). 
  4. XLW release 17.08.22.
  5. MyWraps now supports OAdate and OAdatatime (Excel's universal date and datetime format).

Sprint 45 - 21st August 2017 at 22:00

  1. Speed improvement for large wraps.
  2. Improvements to Matrix and Morph technique.
  3. Allow multiple freeze signatures on wrap instance.
  4. Wraplinks never update once the wrap instance is frozen to reflect the state at time of sign off.
  5. Administrator password reset clears number of failed login attempts to provide an exception to site penetration protection feature.
  6. AND and OR logic added to USERSELECTOR feature.
  7. Multi-role shared wrap instances can now be achieved with role based read-only tab controls.
  8. MyWraps 'Signed by me' report improved.
  9. Chart data point link button improved.
  10. Clearer identification of wraplink target cells (blue font plus yellow background).
  11. Media upload icons improved.
  12. Addition of insurance policies.

Sprint 44 - 26th June 2017 at 22:00

  1. Database caching implemented delivered up to 360% speed improvement when wraps contain many wraplinks.
  2. Limitless points in MyWraps chart reports (a 1000 point arbitrary limit was removed).
  3. Addition of new WRAPLINKAGGREGATE() functions including COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK.
  4. Disaster recovery policies reviewed in light of British Airways IT failure.
  5. XLW validation speed improved for wraps with many input cells.
  6. XLW speed profiling tools added.

Sprint 43 - 1st June 2017 at 22:00

  1. Improved AdminTenant Controls for ExcelWraps Permission Groups.
  2. Increase maximum Wrap Media Upload file size to 64MB to support video file uploads at a client's request. Introduction of Fair Usage Policy ExcelWraps user charge assumes that an average user requires 2GB of file storage (i.e. a 50 user system is contained within 100GB). Typically Wrap data storage is extremely compact and this limit is unlikely to be exceeded. However some Client's may require larger file storage capabilities and in these circumstances MoreVision will provide additional space for an additional monthly cost.
  3. Restyled MyWraps Reports so that more information can fit on the screen.
  4. Remove carriage return and line feeds characters from MyWraps reports so that appearance can be better controlled and MyWraps charts can be correctly displayed.
  5. MyWraps automatic typing of date and datetime data.
  6. Administrator override when Wrap definitions are locked (i.e. when recalculate instances is triggered)
  7. Administrator password tab now showing in site dashboard user menu.
  8. User import/export controls improve to include user workgroups.
  9. Wrapsites can be configured to suppress printing. A client requested this feature so that paper copies are never allowed and that the site content becomes the only controlled copy.
  10. XLW improved automatic cell naming for HTML Widgets.
  11. XLW will prevents double validation of Excel files.
  12. XLW v17.06.01 released.

Sprint 42 - 20th April 2017 at 22:00

  1. Server Software improved to allow users to create new accounts.
  2. New Wrap Row Show Widget
  3. New Text Export Widget
  4. New image hotspot widget
  5. Server Software improved with automated build and deployment script to verify Unit and QUnit tests pass.
  6. Server Software improved with site setup recipe
  7. Wraps improved to so that user css or javascript refreshes are never required.
  8. Server Software improved with automated test tools for driving the web site.
  9. Site improved with updated Help pages.
  10. As Developers we need to ensure no client data is on development machines.
  11. New XLW border line controls to complement native Excel border controls.
  12. XLW now shows Wrapsite and Wrap group information in XLW validation dialog.
  13. Release XLW v17.04.20

Sprint 42 - 14th March 2017 at 22:00

  1. Wrap load time improvement - Wrap permissions database is optimised with a dramatic reduction in wrap load time (17 fold improvement in the worst cases). 

Sprint 39, 40 and 41 - 8th March 2017 at 22:00

  1. Low severity security vulnerabilities identified OWASP ZAP have been removed.
  2. Assessment of OWASP top ten vulnerabilities including A1 Injection; A2 Weak authentication and session management; A3 XSS; A4 Insecure Direct Object References; A5 Security Misconfiguration; A6 Sensitive Data Exposure; A7 Missing Function Level Access Control; A8 Cross Site Request Forgery; A9 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities; A10 Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards.
  3. Addition of anti-spam CAPTCHA controls on site comment feature and contact us feature. These apply to anonymous visitors only (users who are not logged into the site).
  4. Upgrade to latest release of CMS 1.10.2.
  5. Simplification of site controls and dashboard for AdminTenant to provide protection against possible corruption. Management of some CMS features can now only be undertaken by Administrators including Roles, Modules, Site Settings, Themes, WorkFlows, Import/Export, Spam Controls, Custom Forms, Queries, Content Definition, Widgets, Tenants and Reports. Please note that AdminTenant's still retain permission for Wrap Import/Export Wrap and MyWraps reports. 
  6. User 'Creation Time' and 'Last Login Time' now available on the 'User' menu on the site dashboard. 
  7. Configurable password controls added - Password must contain at least one lower case letter (a-z); Password must contain at least one upper case letter (A-Z); Password must contain at least one number (0-9); Password must contain at least one special character (e.g. !@#$%^&*(){}[].); Set Minimum Password length; Set Password expiration (30 days by default); Set Password format (hashed or encrypted);
  8. Support for users without email address - Many organisations do not supply all their staff with email addresses which is required for our 'Lost Your Password' routine. We have devised an alternative method which requires the support of site Administrators to reset user passwords and pass it onto users with no email address. When the user first logs in with the administrator's reset password the user is forced to reset the password to one of his own. This ensures that only the user ever knows his own passwords and digital signatures cannot be falsely obtained.
  9. Set site lockout after failed attempts to login (15 minute lockout after 4 failed login attempts).
  10. Configurable session timeout after a period of inactivity (default 15 minutes). Re-direction to login page after session timeout.
  11. All client data removed permanently from developer machines (now only on ISO27001 compliant secure servers).
  12. Internal development team audit to demonstrate compliance to the newly instigated ExcelWraps Security Policy.
  13. Addition of WrapLinkAggregate functions in Wraps.
  14. Data sent to only Axis Label or Tooltip in MyWraps Reports.
  15. XLW Rejects Excel tabs starting with a number (potentially problematic for wrap creation).
  16. WrapLinks can now extract all signature details ('&filter-sig-detail=cell'; '&filter-sig-summary=cell'; '&filter-sig-datetime=cell'; '&filter-sig-date=cell'; '&filter-sig-time=cell'; '&filter-sig-firstname=cell'; '&filter-sig-lastname=cell'; '&filter-sig-nickname=cell'; '&filter-sig-company=cell'; '&filter-sig-location=cell').
  17. Wraplinks do not automatically update if the wrap state is 'frozen' which could trigger a recalculation and an error warning that you cannot change a frozen wrap instance.
  18. Option to use non-minimised javascript to assist developers with wrap debugging.
  19. Comment feature now has simpler interface.
  20. MyWraps Aggregate AVERAGE function now ignores null values (the same behaviour as Excel's AVERAGE function).
  21. AutoNumbers must now be explicitly defined in WrapLinks to provide improved error messages.
  22. Addition of keyword WrapName in MyWraps reports which is useful for MyWraps reports with 'appended' wraps.
  23. Release of XLW v.17.03.08

Sprint 38 - 1st November 2016 at 22:00pm

  1. Optimisation of 'Matrix and Morph' solutions. Faster wrap load time.
  2. Optimisation of 'Matrix and Morph' solutions. Faster report generation times by introduction of unique key pre-filtering algorithms.
  3. Improved keyboard selection and MyWraps reporting. Automatic 'type' definition (text, number, date, datetime) for keyboard selection on tablet and phone devices and also default typing in MyWraps reports.
  4. Improved WrapLinks now includes  to indicate that a user does not have correct permissions to create a new wrap instance. E.g.  will be shown to users with an electrical competence when the wrap is intended for users with a mechanical competence and vice versa. If you do have permission to create a new instance  is shown.
  5. New version of XLW 16.11.01 to support new site functionality.

Sprint 37 - 12th October 2016 at 22:00pm

  1. Improved keyboard selection responsive to cell contents (text or numeric keyboards - iOS short numeric keyboard suppressed as decimal point is not available).
  2. Improved leave/stay warnings when navigating from a wrap instance.
  3. Improved Aggregate functions in MyWraps reports (better handling of null values).
  4. Improved WrapLink functionality (nothing displayed when URL="").
  5. Improved Holder cell functionality to support UserCount with role selection logic.

XLW version 16.10.07 - 7th October 2016

  1. Fixed Circular reference error if cell name matches XLW function.
  2. New XLW Version Checker added.
  3. Improved About XLW and Subdomain Controls.

XLW version 16.09.26 - 26th September 2016

  1. Improved Holder cell to include UserCount function.
  2. Improved status checking of Validation form.
  3. Hyperlink widgets cell naming improved.
  4. Improved sub-domain selector controls.
  5. Cell naming enforced for all input cells (read-only relaxation removed).
  6. Cell naming enforced for WrapLinkList cells.

Sprint 36 - 30th August 2016

  1. Two dimensional zoom feature in MyWraps Chart Reports.
  2. Wider filter text boxes in MyWraps Tabular reports.
  3. Improved formatting to ‘visible’ Holder cells.
  4. Export Wrap Excel source file with an without collected data.
  5. Frozen wraps never update – all data frozen, even wrap links (never update and never trigger recalculation).
  6. Security improvement – role administrator can never be assigned.
  7. Bug fix – MyWraps handles cell values containing ‘ characters.
  8. Enhanced user interface - Users warned if they move off a wrap without saving data.
  9. More detail included in email notification (the domain, the wrap, the unique keys from the wrapinstance, the name of the signature cell, a link to my inbox to remind people of the inbox feature)

Sprint 35 - 3rd August 2016

  1. MyWraps enhancement to append results from many wraps.
  2. Improved MyWraps Aggregate functions.
  3. MyWraps header colour change and filter box size change.
  4. Improved syntax for MyWraps alias.
  5. Userdropdown to include ‘SELECT!’ prompt and allow unselection of users.
  6. Improved user feedback when a new wrap instance is created.

Sprint 34 - 1st June 2016

  1. WORKGROUPS - Users may be placed into a Workgroup which define separate business areas.
  2. User management of workgroups can be devolved to the role of 'AdminWorkgroup'. AdminWorkgroup can manage users in their own workgroup (add new users, disable users, assign roles). AdminTenant releases particular roles into a workgroup to limit the roles available to AdminWorkgroup. In the context of competence management it makes more sense for a local AdminWorkgroup to be responsible for user management rather than a remote Administrator.
  3. Access to Content - Think of a WorkGroup as a ring fence around a set of users. If you are in a WorkGroup you can only see things within the WorkGroup and not outside of it. A WorkGroup restricts access to a single business area, it can be set to 'none' if you do not wish to set any WorkGroup restrictions.
  4. Local Time Zone - Workgroups may be located in a different time zone to the core business. Wraps belonging to this workgroup will operate in the local time zone.

Sprint 33 - 27th April 2016

  1. WORKGROUPS - Enhance WorkGroup for user management and access controls to all content type.
  2. WORKGROUP trust settings. 

Sprint 32 - 14th April 2016

  1. New Graphics on Wrap buttons.
  2. XLW widgets automatically named. 
  3. WrapLinkLists.
  4. UserDropDown.
  5. Wrap expanded view option.

Sprint 31 - 30th March 2016

  1. Restrict email notifications within WorkGroup.
  2. Site template changes. 
  3. Removal of Wrap reset button.
  4. Removal of Wrap Update button and replace with intelligent automatic updates.
  5. Addition of UserDropDown control.
  6. WrapLink motifs redesigned.

 Release notes page started with Sprint 31 (previous sprint release notes available in source code repository).