The Future of Rolling Stock - White Paper

We are conducting research for a white paper to be published in Spring 2021. Would you like to take part in this study? Please use the form.

In Spring 2021 we will be publishing our White Paper titled The Future of Rolling Stock in the UK. The White Paper is being produced and written by our Director, Johnny Doyle, a chartered engineer with 30 years of experience in the industry and formerly a Chief Mechanical Engineer at Bombardier.

Some of the key questions being asked within the White Paper include looking at the impact of digitalisation, some of the most arduous rolling stock tasks, rolling stock inspection and standardised inspection criteria across networks. The key findings will be available to all in early Spring.

If you would like to take part and you can help with the paper please fill in the form below, you can take part in a quoted capacity and also as an anonymous contributor to the research. Many aspects of the white paper are survey based and you will be asked to participate in a survey too.

This is a really exciting White Paper and we welcome input from all levels with rolling stock. Please enter your contact details in the form below.