Quality and reliability on a stable, hosted infrastructure

The ExcelWraps solutions are all about quality and reliability:

  • Many companies still use paper forms. With our tools, these forms move online where they are available non-stop to all the right people. The quality of each decision increases when everybody sees the right information at the right time. Expert knowledge is delivered directly to the shop floor.
  • Our process management tools are easily tailored by your own process specialists. This makes it so easy to change the process when required by the business. It also increases the quality of the process.
  • In the maintenance processes, only qualified people can sign-off tasks as completed. Built-in competence management ensures that trains stay safe and reliable.
  • There are no requirements for your IT infrastructure. ExcelWraps is a fully managed hosted solution. You can start small and grow gradually. 
  • The quality and speed of our solutions is greatly enhanced through the re-use of standard components.
  • With ExcelWraps, there is no programming, and no consultants.

We help the people in the process communicate better

With ExcelWraps, there is full, secure collaboration between all the people involved in each process:

  • The Shop Floor (Mechanics, Welders, Electricians, Testers and Quality Assurance)
  • The Engineers
  • The Managers
  • The Clients
  • The Owners
  • The Supply Line

ExcelWraps data is used both to support the on-going processes and to inform others about what has been done. Any document in ExcelWraps is the current version, and is available to anyone within your community, anywhere, at any time.

  • Secured – All the sensitive information in the database is encrypted and protected by a login. It can be accessed only by users with the correct credentials. Protection is on the field level, so different users see different levels of detail. Only the right users can edit each field.
  • Authorised – Most documents support digital signatures for ‘Checked by’ and ‘Approved by’. When a process only handles things that have been approved by the right people, there is much less risk.
  • Acknowledged – Sends a notification to key users to sign pending documents. This registers their acknowledgement of the new/up-issued document and their agreement to inform their subordinates. Any unsigned notification appears in the user’s ‘In-tray’ until the document is signed. The owner of the notification receives an email confirmation once all signatures have been collected.
  • Locked down – The ‘Approved by’ signature can be used to lock a form so that it cannot be changed.
  • Tracked – All document changes are saved, with a revision history connecting to the user making each change.
  • Versioned – Forms have version numbers that automatically increment.
  • Unlimited – Each form can contain an unlimited number of uploaded documents.
  • Previewed – A snapshot of the front page of each uploaded document is shown in the preview area.
  • Viewed anywhere – Portable PDF documents look the same in all devices, with page thumbnails and a headings map for fast navigation.

Our application supports the way you work

All forms are generated from templates made in Excel. This allows ordinary business users to easily create or edit the forms and reports required to support your business processes. The quality of the solution increases dramatically when it is tailored by your own specialists. You do Excel and we take care of the rest.

After each modification, the template spreadsheets are converted to electronic web forms that we call “wraps”. A wrap is an Excel file that we have wrapped in transformational technology to enhance Excel’s native functionality with features such as:

  • saving online forms in cloud databases,
  • linking between web forms,
  • making database content visible or editable depending on business roles,
  • signing off work using digital signatures,
  • saving photos and videos directly in electronic forms,
  • and much more.

Wrap data is instantly accessible to all your internal users and all your connected suppliers through the MyWraps reporting system. The quality of each decision increases when everybody sees the same information at the same time, behind a secure login that allows each user to see and change exactly the right things.

There is no programming, ever. You get a bespoke application but it is put together using standard building blocks that are simultaneously used in thousands of other locations worldwide. The quality of a solution based on re-used, standard functionality is immensely higher than the quality you can achieve with any conventional programming.

No requirements on your IT infrastructure

ExcelWraps applications are web-based and accessible from any existing device in our network – laptop, tablet or phone.

Industry-standard Excel spreadsheets are used to design your application’s smart web forms and reports. All you need to know is how to drive Excel. We deliver everything else.

ExcelWraps is a fully managed hosted solution, free from any software, backup and infrastructure worries. It is a reliable Software-as-a-Service hosted on Microsoft servers.