Highly customisable turnkey solutions

We are particularly proud of how easily you can change our solutions. You are not constrained when you want your business processes to evolve to take immediate benefit of any newfound change.

Our solutions are powered by ExcelWraps. We create web apps but we don’t call them apps but wraps as they are simply Excel workbooks “wrapped” in our transformational technology. We engage your process experts using Excel, the familiar desktop tool.

Our development team works continuously in the background enhancing the core product responding to new feature requests from clients. We ensure that your solutions continue to serve, and handle larger and larger datasets into the future.

Testament to the quality of our approach, we have yet to find an industry problem that we cannot handle. Reusing proven standard components means that we will always be the fastest way to deliver.


The ExcelWraps solutions are all about quality and reliability

Quality and reliability on a stable, hosted infrastructure.

We believe that the quality of each decision increases when the right person sees the relevant information at the right time.
Your own process specialists can tailor our solutions and specific rolling stock knowledge drives the quality of the solution.

Built-in competence management ensures that trains stay safe and reliable.

There are no requirements for your IT infrastructure. RST software is a fully managed hosted solution, free from all software, backup, and infrastructure worries. You can start small and grow gradually.