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What is a Wrap?

A Wrap is a web app created from an Excel file. They are launched from your ExcelWraps web site and will work on any device with a browser. Users of your website open wraps and enter data which is stored in a structured way on Microsoft SQL server. MyWraps reports extract data from the database which may be displayed in a tabular or chart view. Both tables and charts can be searched, filtered and sorted and each data item is linked back to the wrap that collected the information. Wraps are used for any type of data management process but we specialise in supporting engineering organisations. If you currently use spreadsheets or paper forms then the switch to online data capture and live reports is made simple using our technology. 

How much do they cost?

You can trial our solution for free. Our pricing model includes generous volume discounts and automatic server scaling as your site grows. It's all explained in the table below.




Shared ExcelWraps web site on a shared server.


Your own ExcelWraps web site on a shared multi-tenant server.


Many ExcelWraps web sites on your own dedicated single-tenant customisable server. Corporate assurances including 24/7/365 server support, enhanced security, server inheritance guarantee and source code escrow provision.
    30% Off  50% Off 65% Off 75% Off
50,000+ Users






















Unlimited Wraps
Unlimited Wraps
Unlimited Wraps
Unlimited Wraps
Fixed Roles (User, Operative, Supervisor, Manager, Client and Supplier) administered by the ExcelWraps team.
Administrator control of your ExcelWraps web site with full site content management system. User management, user role configuration and access controls (view, edit, create and delete). Data gathered web site MS SQL database. MyWraps report creation.
Notes: Free XLW download. Free Online Help and Video TutorialsBase price in GBP. One time web site setup charge is £5450GBP. Increasing discount applied for each and every user above 50 users. Corporate benefits are free for clients with 500+ users but a one time setup charge applies. ExcelWraps Service Policies Training, support and consultancy charged on an emerging cost basis. By our reckoning the stationary cost savings alone fully offsets the cost of ExcelWraps. Read full justification...

Turnkey Solutions

Wraps are easy to create yourselves and we always do a little hand holding to get you up and running but we appreciate that sometimes you are simply too busy to launch any new initiatives. So we offer solutions prepared by the ExcelWraps team for fixed price solutions and delivered within short timescales. We'll meet with you and design a system to your requirements, we'll produce all the wraps, share with you the Excel source files, set up all your reports and even administer your site if required. Our development team can also provide customised data transfers to compliment your existing business system. Ask for Quotation.

Can I use wraps on tablets, smartphones and PCs?

Yes, replace your clipboards and pens with tablet devices and never struggle again to read undecipherable writing on paper forms. Take photos for direct upload to wraps and take videos to share best practise methods through your ExcelWraps web site (http://YourName.ExcelWraps.com). Just reach for your smart phone to check that the night shift managed to complete their tasks or that your subcontractor met his delivery. Field and sales engineers can be better integrated through mobile networks. These devices offer real productivity benefits to engineering businesses and can spark a revolution in your working practises. You can always stick with your trusty PC too.

So you can change my spreadsheet into an app?

Yes, but this is only a small part of the solution we are offering. We serve up many apps (or wraps as we call them) which feed information into your cloud database. Our 'MyWraps' reporting tool interrogates the cloud database. You control user access to wraps through your own ExcelWraps web site granting different access and privileges to different user roles.  This is a full enterprise business solution and much more than an app conversion service.

Is it easy to get it up and running?

Yes, its a simple three step process.

1) You Design in Excel

2) We Convert to Wrap

3) You Watch Data

How long is the conversion process?

We convert your excel workbook and publish your wrap on your ExcelWraps web site in about 5 minutes.

What can Wraps do that Excel cannot?

Wraps are wired through the internet so we can enhance Excel's native functionality to include server authenticated digital signatures, user role based conditional inputs, media uploads, linked data and drop-down lists created from other wraps, user selectors, images and hyperlinks that change in response to the calculation, GPS mapping, embedded media (audio, video, YouTube), barcode and QR code generators. In fact any functionality you see in the latest Smartphone apps can be created within a wrap. Wrap data is collected in a powerful MS SQL database and is instantly accessible through our MyWraps reporting system.

Who gets access to my Wraps?

You control all wrap permissions via your own ExcelWraps web site. You, as administrator of the site, can set up user roles (like staff, supervisors, managers, subcontractors and clients). Each user role will have different levels of access (e.g. signoff rights for staff, data lockdown controls for managers, only allowing subcontractors access to specific wraps and read only access for clients). You have full control of who has access to your wraps and any data they collect. You can also serve up other web content in the same way (web pages, pdf's, video...etc.) so your wrap is one element of a powerful multi-user ExcelWraps web site.

What if I need to update my Wrap?

Our version control and migration process is one of the strongest elements of our solution. You always see your data displayed in the latest version of the wrap even when it has been captured by a previous version of the wrap.  This allows you to produce a 'quick and dirty' wrap, to get going fast, and you can migrate to a 'sweet and elegant' wrap in your own time. 

Where does the data sit and how is security of data addressed?

All the data sits on our server but can be exported at any time. Communication between the server and your device is encrypted using https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). This is the technology used by banks when you view your accounts on-line.

Who owns the data?

All data belongs to you and will be treated entirely confidentially.

What IT infrastructure is required?

None, this is a fully managed hosted solution, free from all software, backup and infrastructure worries. All you need to know is how to drive Excel and we deliver everything else.

What devices should I use?

Any, use your existing devices (PC, tablet or Smartphone) on your existing WiFi/3G/4G network. If you are concerned about their adequacy we can direct you to good devices and data connection options.

What if I lose my internet connection or if I need to work offline?

Wraps continue to work on your device without an internet connection and will hold its data even if the device is switched off. However wraps need to be connected to the internet to load up, to obtain signature authentication, to store data or uploaded media. If you are worried about the reliability of your internet connection we can also introduce you to network solution providers who will extend WiFi signals, provide 3G/4G/5G networks as a primary or fallback connection, install antennas and boosters to offer affordable internet solutions for rural sites, industrial sites, construction sites and in-vehicle roaming. These solutions provide 100% reliable connectivity.

What are your governing policies detail?

MoreVision's governing principles regarding ExcelWraps services are described with regard to the security policy, development policy, testing policy, client data policy, client end user policy, fair server usage policy and backup policy. Compliance to these policies ensures MoreVision achieves the Service Level Agreement promised to our clients. Procedures for termination of the service are also described. See our policies in detail...

How can I get started?

It takes less than an hour to watch the startup videos and install our XLW addin. Then you are ready to start creating wraps using our online help to guide you. You do Excel we do the rest...