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    Use website like Google maps, PayPal and Amazon and copy HTML code to embed into your Wrap. For users with web development experience you can create a custom widget using:  
    ExcelWraps can help you to develop your own custom functionality. Any thing you have seen on an app we can make happen in a wrap!  
  Using Font Awesome

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Your Name
A project name will be used as a unique key
This is a unique key    
This index will be automatically created when the wrap submit button is pressed.
This is an Auto Number and a unique key  
IMPORTANT The submit button must be pressed for the server to allocate the next available AutoNumber.  
Use XLW's wrap explorer button to explore all the wraps on your site. You can easily find wrap instance URL's and generate wraplink formulas to pull values from one wrap instance from the cloud database.
1) Specify the wrap you are calling. Let's use this one 'WrapOne'.
2) Identify the wrap instance by calling it using its unique keys.
  Unique Key Value      
3) Now call the cell name that you want to retrieve using the 'filter=' keyword.
IMPORTANT: Invisible holders work with Wraplinks for forward calculations.
Remember to hit the 'Update' button to refresh the wraplink result.
    [a] [b] [c]  
WrapLink Result:  
IMPORTANT: Invisible holders work with Wraplinks for forward calculations.
[a] The Wraplink cell holds the URL to the information extracted.
[b] The holder holds the value of the information extracted by the Wraplink. 
[c] Forward calculations are done by reference to the invisible holder cell not the Wraplink cell.
Have you completed this wrap? Sign to freeze the data (you must have already signed on the 'Inputs' sheet to enable the signature cell below).
4) Lets use a WrapLinkList to see how many SubID are available.
Good use of a WrapLinkLIst would be for SubID input in step 2) above.

Do you want to copy values from the current instance, or use wrap defaults?