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  VAT No. GB 664 708511 Old School House    
  Bank Details Stainburn    
  Sort code: 601239 Leeds    
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    USER CHARGE – The minimum number of users is 5 for a Team Wrapsite, 50 for a Business Wrapsite and 500 for Corporate Wrapsites. As the number of users increases the cost per user per month decreases (£20/users/month for 50 users, £14/user/month for 500 users, £10/user/month for 5000 users). The formula used for the total user charge is: 1000 x (N/50) ^ 0.85, where N is the number of site users.    
      Minimum Users      
      Active Users    
    CONSULTANCY - MoreVision may provide training, support, wrap conversion, custom wrap development and bespoke software services. The charge is calculated using the following formula: 900 x D ^ 0.85, where D is the number of consultancy days charged in a calendar month which yields £900/day for 1 day, £575/day for 20 days and is capped at £450/day for over 100 days. Charging this way incentives our clients to use concentrated blocks of our time rather than drip feeding service requests over a long period. No mark-up is applied to any expenses we charge. We work transparently using online time sheets and expense sheets. MoreVision will provide as much, or as little, help you require to get the most out of our technology.     
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    WRAPSITE SETUP - A one time setup cost for a dedicated configurable wrapsite is £5450. This charge does not apply to Team Wrapsites.    
      New Wrapsite Setups      
Note: Standard rate VAT will be additionally charged to UK Clients.
    START UP BONUS - Invoices are produced at the end of every calendar month. We only invoice for whole calendar months so if you order at the start of the month the user charge for the remainer of that month will be free and you may also accumulate higher volume discounts on consultancy charges.    
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READY TO PROCEED? - Raise a purchase order to cover the anticipated first months costs to start. Quotations are prepared at the end of each calendar month in accordance with the charging rules above based on number of site users, consultancy charges and setup costs. The client should raise a purchase order against the quotation and an invoice will be issued. The invoice should be paid before the following month end (e.g. a quotation covering January must be paid before the end of February).
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