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  • XLW Download

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    XLW is a free software addin to create Wraps using Excel for Windows (2007 or later). See software release notes and version history.

     Download XLW setup file - Run the windows installer so that XLW runs every time you start Excel.

     Download XLW.xlam - Simply open XLW.xlam to load into Excel … more

  • XLW Borders

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    Set XLW's border color using the 'BC' button. This both sets XLW's border color. Use 'BV'  lines to add vertical lines and 'BH' to add horizontal lines; using both buttons in succession produces a grid. 

    Why does XLW need its own border controls? Excel understands that a border exists between two … more

  • WrapLinkAggregate

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    WrapLinkAggregate functions operate on cell values over a number of instances to compute a SUM or an AVERAGE or similar aggregate function. The XLW WRAPLINKAGGREGATE() function is inserted into the cell.

    NOTE: Download XLW Package using 'About XLW Subdomain' button. This should be updated … more

  • User Selector

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    User selector is a dynamic dropdown list that will be populated with all users that satisfy the sole selection logic. The following formula is inserted into the active cell:


    The RoleLogic string is enclosed within "" and is simply a text string defining user roles with … more

  • Device Simulator

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    Simulates many devices and helps you design for a target device (PC, tablet or smartphone). 

    NOTE: All wraps support pinch zoom and are usable on even the smallest devices. As a rough guide:

    PC - Set Excel zoom size to 100% and the size in Excel is the size in your PC browser. On PCs wraps do not … more

  • Holder Cell

    Tags: Help, XLW, Definitions

    Set dummy values in a holder cell as a place to start a calculation thread. When converted to a wrap the holder cell's dummy value will be replaced with a reference cell. A reference cell could be another cell in the wrap or a live wrap value supplied from the ExcelWraps server. Using holder cells … more

  • WrapLinkList

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    Populate a drop down list of unique key values from another wrap. This is a useful way to create dynamic lists rather than static lists created using Excel data validation lists. The XLW WRAPLINKLIST() function is inserted into the cell.

    NOTE: Download XLW Package using 'About XLW Subdomain' … more

  • WrapLink

    Tags: Help, XLW, Unique Keys

    A WrapLink pulls a cell value from another wrap instance. The XLW WRAPLINK() function is inserted into the cell. You will be guided to use a Holder Cell if you intend to use the extracted value in forward calculations (insert a dummy value for debugging in excel). The WrapLink cell formula … more

  • About XLW Subdomain

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    Your Excel subdomain contains information about users, user roles, wrap definitions and their unique keys and wrap group permissions. By downloading an XLW Package from your site and installing into XLW Excel will know all about your site and how it is setup. This allows us to configure other XLW … more

  • Validate Wrap

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    Check that you are ready to submit your wrap. You may submit your spreadsheet for wrap conversion only if it validates successfully through the ExcelWraps support ticket system.

    NOTE: Click on error messages listed to go to the cell the message is referring to. Validation requires that all wrap … more

  • Map Hyperlinks

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    Select the range of cells containing hyperlinks strings then hold the CTRL keys and select the top left cell of the cells you wish add hyperlinks to and then press the ‘Map Hyperlinks’ button. more

  • Map to Comments

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    Select the range of cells containing comment strings then hold the CTRL keys and select the top left cell of the cells you wish add comments to and then press the ‘Map to Comments’ button.

    NOTE: Cell comments become hover tips on devices with a mouse (PCs) but touch screen devices (tablets and … more

  • Map to Names

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    Select the range of cells containing name strings then hold the CTRL keys and select the top left cell of the cells you wish to name then press the ‘Map to Names’ button.

    NOTE: Cell names are required for all input cells and encouraged for calculated cells. Cell naming is always good for wrap … more

  • Widgets

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    Extend Wrap functionality using HTML, JavaScript and external libraries. Widgets do no function within Excel they work only when they are launched in a wrap. In Excel the cells are Prefixed with "HTMLWIDGET:".

    The following widgets are currently available: 

      Static Hyperlink Button - Add a … more

  • Auto Number

    Tags: Help, XLW, Unique Keys

    Auto Number Control will create a sequential integer to index a new wrap instance. XLW's AutoNumber() function is inserted in the active cell. You will be guided to add a Holder Cell in an adjacent cell to set a dummy value for debugging in Excel.REMEMBER: It automatically becomes the last unique … more

  • Insert Media Control

    Tags: Help, XLW, Document Management

    Upload pictures, pdfs, office documents or any supporting file into your wrap. It allows you to add any file attachments to a wrap instance. It inserts the following formula into Excel:

    =WRAPUPLOAD("*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.gif;*.txt;*.pdf;*.zip;*.doc;*.docx;*.xls;*.xlsx;*.xlsm;*.ppt;*.pptx", 39) … more

  • Conditional Input

    Tags: Help, XLW, Roles

    A conditional input cell becomes active if a user has a particular subdomain role and an enabling cell becomes TRUE. XLW's CINPUT() function is inserted into the cell.

    REMEMBER: set Excel's debug user role using 'About XLW Subdomain' button.

    In this example the enabling cell F17 must evaluate … more

  • Wrap Signoff

    Tags: Help, XLW, Digital Signature, Roles

    Wrap signoff control replace conventional paper signatures and integrates with user roles. The control will be available for signoff only when the signoff enable cell is true. XLW's SIGNOFF() function is inserted into the cell.

    REMEMBER: SIGNOFF() functions can be fully debugged within Excel. Set … more

  • Show Roots

    Tags: Help, XLW

    This selects precedent cells of all cells containing formulas that do not contain formulas themselves. It is likely that these cells will need to be input cells (although they may hold a fixed value too).


  • Show Inputs

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    Select all Wrap input cells on the current worksheet.

    NOTE: This is a useful button to set a common cell background to identify Wrap input cells.


  • Wrap Input

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    Any unlocked cell becomes a wrap input cell. The toolbar button becomes clear when an input cell is selected and shaded when it is not. Click on the button to make the cell an input cell.


    Cells that are empty can contain any value (numbers and text). If the cell is not empty this … more

  • Wrap Properties

    Tags: Help, XLW, Definitions, Roles

    Wrap properties include a description and version history notes, the wrap group, the unique keys definition, the locking behaviour and the read-only behaviour. A wrap group is a collection of roles and access control permissions that will be applied to the wrap. Multiple wrap groups may be selected … more

  • Excel Conversion to Wrap

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    Your wrap will look like the original spreadsheet (however some compromise occurs as HTML tables don't follow exactly the same specification as Excel). We believe we get a pretty good match. It is possible to fully debug inside Excel before conversion to wrap so your wrap will function just as your … more

  • XLW

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    XLW is a software add-in for Excel to help you create wraps on your ExcelCalcs site. It's a free download. more