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  • Data at Your Fingertips

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    At ExcelWraps we create Wraps from Excel worksheets. Using the cell names defined in our spreadsheet we pick off particular items to generate a MyWraps report like this. The cell names I used are here the railway ‘unit' number, the ‘car'  type, an axle weights named ‘weighta18' and ‘weighta27'. We … more

  • Critical Dimensions

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    Electrical motor brushes are wearing out faster than anticipated and were unlikely to make it to the next overhaul. This is a classic fleet management problem in the railway industry and could result in faults in service or having to bring forward the overhaul program early. Thankfully ExcelWraps  … more

  • Continuous Improvement

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    The MyWraps chart view shows how well a test load is applied during the set-up procedure of railway equipment. Initially we were pretty poor at matching our target so we introduced a change to our process in April 2015 and since then we have been much better in hitting our target. Examining the … more

  • Data Mining with ExcelWraps

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    A wrap is used to collect information and perform calculations. Each time a wrap is used it is submitted to the cloud database and it creates a wrap instance. Each wrap will spawn many wrap instances. There are many on-line and offline tools that you can work with this data. Any of these reporting … more