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  • Train Maintenance Wraps

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    ExcelWraps is already in use in the overhaul of railway vehicles and we are pleased to announce that we now have a solution for train maintenance. We challenged ourselves to work on non-fixed formation fleet (HST) requiring S exams (nightly), B exams (weekly), X exams (quarterly), time interval … more

  • Wabtec Rail's First Bogie Project Wrapped

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    Eversholt's CL321 Bogie Overhaul has been wrapped. It took just 2 days to roll the solution out using MoreVision's Matrix and Morph technique. We have set up a separate workgroup call 'Bogies', from here workgroup administrators can add new users, assign competences and reset passwords.

    Using the … more

  • Wheelset Overhaul Management Wrap

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    Our latest wrap application controls the supply of new wheels, axles, brake discs, bearings, gearwheels, refurbishment of power driven and passenger wheelsets, replacement of worn components, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and dynamic balancing of wheelsets. Work carried out … more

  • Fleet Availability Management

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    Depots need to make trains available so that Train Operating Companies can provide a passenger service. Availability reports say where each unit is coming from, that it is prepped for service, when the depot needs it back for maintenance and states any minor faults not affecting service. It's a … more

  • Capturing Railway Arising Work

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    The railway has a nasty habit of throwing up un-foreseen and unplanned work. It is referred to as 'additional arising work' (AAW) and it will inevitably delay the work you were trying to complete and can bring it to a halt altogether. You may not always know how to rectify the problem and require … more

  • A 12 Fold Increase in Productivity in Under An Hour!

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    Our 15 minute Demo Video explains what ExcelWraps is and that you need no IT infrastructure or expertise to introduce it. The next 15 minutes covers Wrap Creation drawing on your existing Excel skills. Delivery across your organisation using your own Wrapsite is explained in 20 minutes. In the … more

  • Versatile Rapid Application Development

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    ExcelWraps is the fastest way to make your business paperless... all you need to know is Excel, we do the rest. It is extremely versatile as demonstrated by sample projects listed below. Given our history, the majority of projects are UK railway industry related but increasingly we provide … more

  • A No Brainer Go Paperless

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    As a rule of thumb office supplies cost between £13 to £64 per person per month depending on factors like industry and the nature of the business, as well as organisational size, culture and policies (source LAC Group). This can be compared directly to ExcelWraps pricing between £7 to £20 per user … more

  • C4 Overhaul Wrapped in a Day!

    Tags: Rapid Application Development, MyWraps, WrapMap

    We put our ‘Matrix and Morph’ technique to the test last week to demonstrate just how quickly wraps can be implemented in any business. Wraps collect the necessary serial numbers and engineering data so that railway jobs can be signed off with a digital signature. Just one day was required to make … more

  • Project Management and Hot Air

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    A woman was in a hot air balloon. She spotted someone below and lowered closer to the ground to get his attention. She shouted, "Hey, I don't know where I am. Can you help me?" The man responded, "You are in a hot air balloon. You're about twenty feet above the ground, three miles east of the … more

  • 'First Three' Initiative: 3 Projects Wrapped in 3 Months

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    So how do you get started with ExcelWraps? You nominate your ExcelWraps administrator (who should understand your systems and can work with Excel). We will join them (literally at their desktop) guiding them through the technology so that ‘best practises’ are adopted. Starting with paper forms (or … more

  • A Wrap Signature Means so Much More

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    The problem with signatures on paper forms is their lack of integrity. Is it legible? Is it forged? Did you complete everything correctly before signing? Are you competent to sign (who checks your qualifications or your level of authority)? Is the date correct or has it been retrospectively … more

  • Wrap Widgets - Beyond Excel Functionality

    Tags: Widgets, Barcode, Rapid Application Development

    “When making Type A of a product I need to collect 10 items of information but if we are making Type B only 8 of the 10 items are relevant. Can one Wrap be used for the two products so that I only need to maintain one version?” Wraps use the Row Hide Widget so that when a linked cell changes from … more

  • Wraps Working With Barcodes

    Tags: Barcode, Rapid Application Development

    This article tells you how to gain efficiencies from barcodes using tablets and smartphones. Imagine never again will serial numbers be entered incorrectly into a wrap and it will cost you nothing at all. The most compatible barcode app to use with ExcelWraps is the Manatee Barcode app which is … more

  • Pill for ERP Headaches?

    Tags: ERP, Rapid Application Development

    Research shows that the top problems encountered with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are cost and inflexibility. ERP systems are generally imposed from a corporate level and become an immovable constraint on the whole business. ExcelWraps, only requiring users to know Excel, puts  … more

  • Life is Too Short for Software Specifications

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    When you need software you need to communicate your requirements to a programmer. This usually requires some kind of Software Requirements Specification and to give you some idea of what it covers see below... on second thoughts don't read it - throw Software Requirements Specifications in the bin! … more

  • Andy Armstrong Wrap Creator

    Tags: Wrap Administrator, Video, Rapid Application Development

    Andy Armstrong is the Chief Wrap Creator at Hitachi's Ashford Train Depot. Andy knows everything there is to know about overhauling the high speed class 395 trains. When Andy set about building his Wraps he did so knowing this complex process intimately. Whilst the process is complicated … more

  • Our Unique Selling Point

    Tags: Rapid Application Development

    Uniquely we use Excel as an app development tool because everybody has a copy and everybody can use it. You can set out your app in Excel exactly as you want your users to see it. You can fully test your app in Excel to ensure that everything is working in all circumstances. When you pass your … more

  • Getting Started with ExcelWraps

    Tags: Rapid Application Development, Competence

    Your Subdomain and Users - The first thing to realise is that Wraps are accessed through your own ExcelWraps subdomain. You’ll become administrator of your subdomain and set up your users with at least one ‘role’. For example Unipart roles link to their competence management system (Production … more

  • RIP Paperwork

    Tags: Wrap Creator, Rapid Application Development, Competence, Document Management

    ExcelWraps replaces all paper records at Unipart

    A quantum leap for the Hitachi 395 bogie overhaul as paper is superseded by Wraps. Now information is immediately available through the cloud and shared across Unipart, with its clients and its subcontractors. Bogie overhaul consists of 20 main … more