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  • MyWraps Reports

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    MyWraps reports looks at wrap cell values over all available wrap instances to plot in live charts or in tables. Switching between chart and table is a simple one click button and both charts and tables can be filtered, sorted and ordered to give you exactly the information you require. Live links … more

  • WrapMaps And MyWraps Reports Demo

    Tags: WrapMap, MyWraps, Video

    A short video demonstration of what can be achieved using technology. You'll see WrapLinks, DigitalSignatures, WrapMedia all working together to send live information across a project. MyWraps reports shows what wraps are currently awaiting your signature and also used to extract … more

  • The Life Cycle of a Wrap Instance

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    Like all things wrap instances are created, they live and they die. When a wrap instance is created it remembers which user created it. At any time in its life it will be waiting for signatures from users with a specific user role (or indeed specific username). The final wrap signature includes the … more